Free meditation classes in Singapore

lotustest3.jpgWe often look for happiness in things outside ourselves - careers, money, relationships - without realising that inside ourselves there is a core of inner peace and joy just waiting to be tapped. Meditation is the art of stilling the busy mind, and accessing that inner source of happiness.

The meditation classes we give offer practical, easy-to-learn techniques that people can take home and use as the basis for their own home practice.

At the request of our teacher Sri Chinmoy, we give these classes free of charge - we feel that the inner peace and joy that meditation can bring is a birthright, and not something that should be sold. Sri Chinmoy himself never charged for his guidance, meditations or public concerts. He used to say "my only fee is aspiration" - i.e. the student's inner willingness and yearning for higher and deeper truths.

You can find out about upcoming meditation classes by getting in touch with us using our contact form - in the meantime, we also have a wealth of other resources on this site (see below)

More about meditation:

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