About us

The Singapore Sri Chinmoy Centre is one of many centres established around the world for students of Sri Chinmoy to meditate together, and share the practical philosophy of working towards a more harmonious and peaceful world. The first Sri Chinmoy Centre was established in 1966 and there are now centres in over 60 countries. 


Free meditation classes

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to help people gain peace of mind and find out more about themselves. Find out more about our free classes...

World Harmony Run

The World Harmony Run is a grassroots world wide event where an Olympic torch is passed from hand to hand in a shared wish for a better world. Since the run's inception in 1987, it has visited 120 countries. The torch has been held by millions of people around the world, including such world figures as Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Grobachev and Mother Teresa. Visit the website..