Sri Chinmoy

srichinmoycloseup.jpgSri Chinmoy is a meditation teacher who spent his life dedicated to the ideal of a world where everoune could live in harmony.

To this end, he created a prolific output of published writings, musical compositions, art and poetry. In addition, he was the guiding force behind many popular athletic, cultural and grassroots initiatives such as the World Harmony Run and the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. Sri Chinmoy lived in New York City from 1964 till his passing in 2007, but frequently travelled all over the world to give concerts and other inspirational events, including many visits to Singapore.

Born in 1931, he spent much of his adolescence and early adulthood in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in South India, immersed in meditation for much of of the day and attaining very high states of meditative consciousness. In addition he was a talented athlete and excelled as a sprinter and decathlete; and wrote and published frequent articles and poems, the beginnings of a prolific literary career. On April 13th, 1964, at the age of 32, Sri Chinmoy moved to New York to share his inner realisations and to serve the goal of world harmony. At the request of then United Nations Secretary General U Thant, he began holding meditations for the staff and delegates at the United Nations.

Sri Chinmoy in Singapore

Sri Chinmoy often composed songs in honour of the countries he visited, extolling the fine qualities of that country. Here are the lyrics of the song he wrote about Singapore:

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore!
Power and beauty's splendour-shore.
O bold lion-strength, O swift deer-speed,
Curiosity-world you gloriously feed.
Free is your duty's service-delight.
Sure is your giant confidence-height.

In addition Sri Chinmoy loved to recount his travel experiences. Here are three amusing anecdotes from his Singapore travels:

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